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Active School 


We love being involved with the Active Schools Flag because we just love being active and we love all types of sport,. An Active School "Is a school where physical activity is valued, promoted and enjoyed by all" and that's our school!

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Active School Aims.

The goals of Active School are: 

  • promote physical activity in a FUN, positive and inclusive way

  • incentivise schools to engage in a process self-reflection, action planning and collaboration at whole school level.

  • support schools to identify strategies to energise the school day and to reduce sedentary time.

  • encourage schools to strengthen their PE programmes and to promote physical literacy.

  • provide students with voice, space, influence and audience to participate in the decision-making process of their school.

  • empower schools to develop, and strengthen partnerships, with parents, local and national organisations.

We love all sports!


Below: Archive Active School Photos

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